Agriculture Data, Knowledge for Learning and Innovation Group

The aim of the task group is to provide requisite information for biennial review discussions and for policy and program formulation on improving the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of agricultural research data in African Counties (AC) and beyond.  Further to strengthen the collection, management, and availability of agricultural statistics data in AC based on already developed strategic plan for strengthening agricultural and rural statistics (SPARS) and within Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Develop Programme (CAADP) processes. Making agricultural research data available and usable will empower the different stakeholders (scientific and technical community) to make informed decisions, improve management capabilities, awareness, enhance adaptation and mitigate against potential risks. The group will be responsible for the review and harmonization of key agricultural research data and statistics for the AC and beyond, and integration into the developed multi-year comprehensive National Agricultural Investment Plans (NAIPs) in AC for sustainability. Additionally, to formulate proposals for improving the usability of existing agricultural research data, SPARS and eventually integrating new generated data as a framework policy. [more...]

Goal and Objectives
To coordinate efforts at every level to collect, analyze, and publish the agricultural research data needed for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa and Africa Union 2063 agenda
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The New Chair of Data Science and Data Engineering is Hiring

The new chair for “Data Science and Data Engineering”
( is looking to hire six fully-funded PhD candidates in the research areas of

* graph mining (two positions open)
* anomaly detection (two positions open)
* predictive analytics (two position open)